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Passion trumps content strategy

What’s your content strategy?

If you Google the term, you’ll find a million articles telling you about optimisation, engagement and discipline. You’ll read how content strategy is as important to social media as UX is to design, or how it makes sense to manage content as an asset, with a quantifiable ROI.

You can look at where your customers are hanging out online and what they’re reading and viewing. You can look at what your competitors were doing and what type of content is working (or not) for them. You can look at trending conversations and upcoming campaigns. You can data scrape everything, set yourself up with monitoring tools and apply your KPIs.

But at the end of all that, if you don’t feel you “own” your tweets, updates, videos and blog posts – if they’re not coming from the heart – you might as well go back to the drawing board…
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Individual or brand: 5 tips for finding your authentic Twitter voice #SMWLDN

Individualism or conformity, which approach is right when it comes to social media? Two London Social Media Week events on Tuesday looked at Twitter from different angles, but came to similar conclusions: be true to yourself, experiment and don’t let the blighters get you down.

The first event (produced by the very affable Charity Chap) was Your Social Persona: How Your Individual Online Identity Influences And Boosts Your Organisation’s Brand, looking at the value of allowing individual voices to shine through a brand Twitter account. The second event (panel pictured above), hosted by The London Book Fair, focused on Storytellers on Social Media: The Author as Digital Brand.

Here are my top five takeaways from the two sessions:

1. Personality is important and consistency is essential. Whether you’re a brand or an individual (and, let’s face it, the lines between the two are increasingly blurred), experiment with finding your unique voice – then stick to it. Corporate Twitter profiles like Waterstones Oxford Street, MoonPig and Arena Flowers and individual profiles like 50Cent and (author) Sarah Pinborough succeed because they have unique voices, and oodles of character and personality.

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