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Ryan Shea and Melanie Shapiro at CogX18

The future of social media: web 3.0, wearables and chatbots

It’s nearly ten years ago that I met Tim O’Reilly in New York to talk about Web 2.0 and how it was going to change the world.

So it felt a little like deja vu last week hearing Ryan Shea (above, left) and Melanie Shapiro (right) on stage at CognitionX, championing Web 3.0.

Like its centralised, super-social predecessor, Web 3.0 is going to change everything. But Web 3.0 is decentralised – and we’ll not be sharing our data with anyone (unless we want to).

Web 3.0 will give us self sovereign identity  – a core identity that represents us as individuals and is all bundled up with our own data, which we’ll have complete control over. As opposed to government or corporate issued identities (which are what we have now).

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#SMWLDN liveblog: social media and the financial markets

I’m liveblogging the lunchtime event at #SMWLDN’s business hub – looking at social media’s impact on the financial markets. Speaking left to right are Robert Harles, Global Head of Social Media, Bloomberg; Allan Schoenberg, Executive Director, CME Group, Hussein Kanji, Partner, Hoxton Ventures and Jonathan MacDonald, Co-Founder, This Fluid World. Debate is chaired by Craig Welch, Head of Marketing EMEA, Bloomberg.

CW: Think back to the 30 April when AP’s Twitter account was hacked; how video consumption is increasing exponentially, 50 Cent caused a buying surge to his company by tweeting a request to invest. The first question: has social media become a really valid news source, replacing more traditional sources? Let’s start with Alan:

AS: No doubt social media making an impact. But of course you can’t rely on just one source of information. It makes complete sense as one of many channels.

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