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Live blog of “Heroes of Social Innovation” #smwldn

13:30: This pic is of host/ chair Mark Pedro Hindle and Futuregov’s Dominic Campbell a few minutes before this session on social innovation. This is a live blog so keep refreshing the page for updates.

Dominic: Social innovation needs to connect back with the system that it’s trying to challenge and change – we could do with government help on occassions. Often these two operate in completely seperate ways but it’s good to connect back. Social innovators often want to have fun as well as change the world: government seems to have forgotten all about that. Two of our projects:

Casserole Club was on BBC Breakfast this morning – tackling social isolation.

Enabled by Design: sod you NHS, your equipment’s crap, we’re going to bring together some amazing designers with 3D printers and actually make crutches etc.

Next up, Jeremy Gilley, Filmmaker, on his organisation, Peace One Day: On the 21 September 2007 we managed to hold a one day ceasefire called

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