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Lemn Sissay at TDCMCR

If marketing’s a conversation, why is everyone shouting?

Just back from Thinking Digital Manchester. And the over-riding message was for us to all turn off our devices and go and do something more interesting instead.

Yes! From a digital conference!! You don’t go to digital events expecting to be told to go off-grid and head for the hills, but the most awe inspiring speakers in Manchester seemed to do just that.

Whether it was “digital obesity” from Eddie Obeng, Stephen Waddington talking about the Internet being full of sh*t or Tom Chatfield warning that all our time risks becoming the “same”, the loud and clear message throughout was that the digital (marketing) industry needs to take a proper look at itself in the mirror – because it’s getting kind of ugly.

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Meeting in a library built at the time of Gaskell to discuss the future #RSAde

Early arrivals to the RSA Digital Engagement Group strategy meeting: taken at the wonderful Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester.

From left to right, Lily Barton, Bob Porrer, Vivs Long-Ferguson, Roxanne Persaud, Michael Ambjorn, David Dickinson.