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Are brands ready for Instagram Stories

Are brands ready for Instagram Stories?

Social media consultants used to talk about the difference between “broadcasting” and “listening”. You don’t hear that so much any more. One of the reasons Twitter isn’t the fun it used to be is the reversion to broadcast across so many profiles. (Combined with the rise of trolling – which makes Twitter like a party full of bores and bullies. And who wants that?)

One reason brands broadcast is because they can’t actually “listen”. Not in the true sense of the word. You can have all the monitoring systems you want, all the data gathering, all the analytics, but you can still completely miss the point.

Like puzzled parents trying to chime in with their kids’ conversations, or the proverbial dad on the dancefloor, many brands may need to face up to the harsh reality that they can never really be cool. At least, not that cool.  Not achingly hip, blink and it’s over, cool.

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#sbs2011: 4 key Millennial trends from Archrival’s Charlie Hull

1. Life-tracking: Millennials like tools that help them understand themselves better (eg [my examples] PeerIndex, inMaps)

2. Fame: Millennials believe everyone has a right to be famous: in the past, fame belonged to the priviledged few; today, fame belongs to anyone with three shots of tequila, a bad idea and a video camera

3. Digidentity – Millennials want ways to share their achievements and express themselves online.

4. Techeyed – Millennials want tools that help them entertain, assist and inform their lives and their friends lives