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Cherry-picking the best stuff

Spring has sprung…and it’s time to get blogging! If you’re an occasional reader of this blog (thank you), you may have noticed a sudden flurry of activity over the last few days. Yes indeed, after nearly a year of inactivity (apart from the odd RSA live blog), I’ve decided to renew my blogging vows.

Yes I DO promise to love, honour and cherish “Monkeys With Typewriters” – lavishing it with more frequent attention and keeping it enhanced, nipped and tucked in all the right places.

It’s been unusually warm and sunny here in London this week, so the perfect time to get down to some social reporting with The RSA, led by the awesome David Wilcox. So far I’ve reported from two events, experimenting with uploading video direct from the iPhone. There’ve been some hiccups along the way, but I’m loving the instantness of everything (point+shoot+blog+connect). Looking forward to doing a lot more of this, and to getting more RSA Fellows on board: the monkeys will out!

Lunch with the fab Jamie Coomber the other week reignited my love of Instagram, so I’ll be using that more, and pinning the results on Pinterest, to see if that ignites any new connections (while still loving Flickr, of course).

Along with RSA social reporting and a more visual style, there’ll be my usual monkey-with-typewriter musings on the impact of social technologies on the way we work: focusing on collaborative, grassrootsy, networked approaches. So yes, I’ll be cherry-picking – but this sector needs some optimism bias (there’s enough dirt-digging already out there).

Finally, I’ll be posting on stuff that ties in with the broader collaborative behaviours identified in Monkeys With Typewriters: co-creation, passion, learning, openness, listening and generosity. So topics will include anything from diversity (listening) through service design (co-creation) to social enterprise (generosity).

At least, that’s how I think it’s going to play out. If it starts raining, I may feel quite differently…

Monkeys with coffee pots

You may well have seen the new UK ad from Costa Coffee; it took a while to filter through to me (hehe) out here in coffee-obsessed Tel Aviv.

Actually I’m not doing coffee at the moment, but I am quite partial to monkeys, and this cute ad made me smile, especially with the Bill Nighy voiceover.

Of course, I’d have preferred it if one particularly diligent monkey managed to stick with it and come up with the ground bean goods, but this must be an example of those unfortunate times when the elusive wisdom of the crowd is quickly subsumed and altogether trampled upon by the deluded mob.

If that one monkey in the middle hadn’t started throwing stuff, things might have turned out better. 

This is the sort of anarchy many managers fear when they let the staff lose on Twitter: see Monkeys with Typewriters: Myths and Realities of Social Media at Work to help allay some of those fears!