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My top 10 events for London Social Media Week 2014 #SMWLDN

Next week is London Social Media Week. The fifth sixth time the event has taken place in London, and the first time founder Toby Daniels’ company, Crowdcentric, has been running the show directly. For previous events, Sam Michel’s Chinwag was in charge. I’ve live-blogged pretty much every time, and it’s been interesting to see the event grow in size and stature year on year.

Inevitably, the event has become more focused and commercial over the years. Like social media itself, it’s growing up. There are good and bad sides to that. People may gripe about inflated ticket prices and a monochrome agenda – but it’s more just the sheer size of the event that’s off-putting. If you look through this year’s agenda, there are plenty of gems to be found.

Here’s my top ten:

1. The Psychology of Persuasive Marketing Videos And How To Get People To Watch Them, 23 September, 10.30am: the fabulous Nathalie Nahai (The Web Psychologist) is always informative and entertaining.

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The Social Media Launch Pack is here!

I’ve just set up a website for the Social Media Launch Pack – a new product aimed at small and medium sized businesses who want to use social media effectively, but aren’t sure where to start.

While many big brands and global corporates are getting this area sorted – at least in terms of experimentation and sheer financial investment, smaller companies are typically struggling – they don’t have the resources or remit to explore what “social” can really do for them.

The Social Media Launch Pack is designed to lend a helping hand – to get things moving in the right direction with a relatively small investment. Do take a look and let me know what you think – the site is a work in progress, but hopefully the concept is sound. Feel free to recommend to any friends or associates you think might be interested!

Small is beautiful

I’m at a social media round table at the offices of LABEL in Geneva. Representatives from The Global Fund, The US Mission to the UN, Red Cross and Nestle are here, as well as a sprinkling of us “consultants”.

There was genuine excitement this morning as everyone helped launch and build an online campaign in real time. Unfortunately I got here a little late (flown in from Gatwick), and by the time I got in the entire round table was hard at work: blogging, tweeting and messaging about Born HIV Free, the new campaign from The Global Fund. Three people had even gone out into the streets of Geneva and made this film using a Flip camera and editing software.

It was great to talk about some of the ideas behind Monkeys with Typewriters with such a knowledgeable, engaged group. Michael Parmly from the US Mission suggested I read the book about the 1960s educational experiment, Summerhill. That’s definitely the most random recommendation I’ve had after a talk so far (but the book looks fab).

Now we’re listening to author and journalist Angela Connor talk about building online communities. She bemoaned the fact that people keep on churning out the same old examples (eg: Best Buy’s Blue Shirt Nation). As it happened, I’d used that in my talk so I had to defend it! There are so few real success stories out there, so few examples of best practice, that we have to use the ones there are.

Angela said we should be using more examples from small, local businesses, because they really “get” social media. Actually, that’s so true (and something I kind of alluded to in my presentation also – it’s so much easier when you’re small, to be fair). There was an article on small businesses using sm in The Economist a while back – watch this space – I’ll dig it out.