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Brand management in a social age

Brand management for a social age

A few weeks ago I gave a guest lecture at Henley Business School for full-time MBA students. The brief was to cover best practice in social media marketing – within the broader context of brand management.

Here are the slides: Brand management for a social age

I also ran a practical afternoon workshop where students had to promote their own product or service on Twitter. It was fun – the students were great, and Henley’s Greenlands campus is beautiful. Thanks Dr Cigdem Gogus and team for the invite!

Photo: Jose Oller

M's Valentine Chocolates by Cocreatr

It’s not all roses for chocolatiers on Valentine’s Day

Everyone loves something sweet from someone they love – and chocolates are the UK’s most popular Valentine’s gift. So how are chocolatiers using social media to ensure that out of the whopping £1.9 billion UK Valentine’s spend, they get a decent slice of the action?

I looked at eight of the best independent chocolatiers on Twitter to see how they’ve performed in the last month. Here’s what I found (thanks Brandwatch for the data and analytics):

1. In terms of audience, Rococo Chocolates are most loved of business executives, Hotel Chocolat of politicians and Green & Black’s of fitness gurus – so now you know! (See fig.1 for breakdown and more details). Women love Chococo and Hotel Chocolat while men tend to go for Paul A Young or Mast Brothers (both brands with something inherently manly about them).
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Royal Holloway - Founder's Building

Social media – the art of digital storytelling

On 3 December I gave a lunchtime seminar at Royal Holloway University of London. The brief was to give an overview of social media marketing and also talk about how social tools are being used in other aspects of business, such as CRM and project management.

Royal Holloway was originally a university built for women – men weren’t admitted until 1965! The Founder’s Building – in all its Victorian gothic glory – is quite amazing. It wasn’t snowing when I visited (as in the beautiful photo above), but it was cold enough. I hope to get the chance to visit again soon.

Key trends

My talk covered current key trends in social media marketing including:

  • Short form visual content – the huge rise in emoji, stickers and photos
  • Emotive video – hoaxes and tear-jerkers (such as Save The Children’s Second A Day video – 51m views to date)
  • Cross-platform distribution – seeding one piece of content across all networks – Buzzfeed is doing this brilliantly

Here are the slides: Social media – the art of digital storytelling.

What’s next?

Social is now mass market. The terms “social” and “digital” are blurring. Today, it’s all about “content”. The Gartner Hype Cycle for new technologies says investment and interest reach a crescendo until expectations far outweigh realistic outcomes. Content marketing and native advertising are hitting this peak round about now.

Hacking and privacy issues are likely to push more people to reduce activity on social media and even go offline altogether.

We’ll see an increase in augmented reality: tactile communications will be the next stage of the Internet. Scientists at Ochanomizu University in Japan recently developed a device that lets pet owners “play” with their cats remotely – the system even allows owners to “feel” their cat when it scratches them. We can imagine the sort of impact this technology could have over social media!

Sadly, we’re also going to see a rise in silos. Increasing fragmentation and network proliferation will mean that there’s a danger of inhabiting our own like-minded bubbles. Gillian Tett addresses our silo mentality brilliantly in her new book, The Silo Effect. Luckily, she also offers some solutions.

For more, see my slides: Social media – the art of digital storytelling.

Photo: S Tore (via Flickr)

End of the age of deference? You must be joking! Luxury brands bite back at #SMWLDN

Day three of London Social Media Week kicks off with a session looking at luxury brands. The panel includes Steve Cobelli, Jaguar (above); Hin-Yan Wong, Connect Group; Matt Smith, Bentley; Paul Simonet, Imagination; and Geoff Turral, Storystream. Moderator is Alistair Duncan, also of Connect Group.

Steve opens the session with a talk about Jaguar’s digital strategy. When he joined Jaguar two years ago, they’d just set up a Facebook page but weren’t really sure what to do with it. Today, Jaguar has 2.4m fans on Facebook. Steve’s strategy is highly visual – “It’s all about the sexiest models”. Jaguar reveals all new cars on Facebook first. During new car launches, they take questions live via Instagram and Twitter, and have used “one of those life-blogging cameras that you stick on your pocket and it records your day”.

One of this summer’s highlights was the partnership with BBC Top Gear where the programme celebrated the success story of British car brands.

“We draped the cars in red, white and blue and drove them down the Mall. It was all a little bit Austin Powers-esque but a bit cooler. We asked people to take photos, upload them to social media and hashtag them. It worked really well. That British essence is very important for us in overseas markets.”

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The Social Media Launch Pack is here!

I’ve just set up a website for the Social Media Launch Pack – a new product aimed at small and medium sized businesses who want to use social media effectively, but aren’t sure where to start.

While many big brands and global corporates are getting this area sorted – at least in terms of experimentation and sheer financial investment, smaller companies are typically struggling – they don’t have the resources or remit to explore what “social” can really do for them.

The Social Media Launch Pack is designed to lend a helping hand – to get things moving in the right direction with a relatively small investment. Do take a look and let me know what you think – the site is a work in progress, but hopefully the concept is sound. Feel free to recommend to any friends or associates you think might be interested!