Coming up roses?

I like the analogy from Mark Raskino at Gartner who says that we should compare organisational IT to gardening – rather than architecture or engineering (both of which suggest some kind of permanence and rigidity).

“IT won’t remain orderly,” says Raskino, quoted in the Financial Times. “Architecture gives you one insight but if you leave IT it gets out of shape very fast. It is more an organic thing that needs constant renewal and refresh.”

And tender loving care, of course. 

The same FT article talks about a “guerilla” approach from PA consulting whereby teams are parachuted into companies work on specific IT issues – but won’t touch a problem if they think it’ll take more than three months to solve.

Ah yes, guerilla gardening.

That reminds me of a great post I read a while back which likens guerilla gardening projects to the hackability and open source movements. I love this idea and wanted to incorporate it into Monkeys but time constraints got the better of me.

There’s always this blog, though 🙂




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