Latest live blog of RSA Fellowship Council

Now available over on the iKnowHow blog.

The second meeting of the RSA Fellowship Council took place yesterday at RSA House and I was able to blog the meeting as it happened. The Fellowship Council is made up of elected and co-opted RSA members (known as "Fellows") and marks a concerted effort by the RSA, a 255 year old body, to open up its governance to all stakeholders within the organisation. I was elected to the Council in July.

We are still trying to decide exactly what it *is* that the RSA Fellowship Council should do. And I thought that decision-making process might make interesting reading for anyone aspiring to move towards a distributed, "leadership 2.0" type model in their place of work.

3 thoughts on “Latest live blog of RSA Fellowship Council

  1. CharlesLovatt

    If web 2.0 is about user created content, then surely leadership 2.0 means democracy! I guess the trick is defining which democracy you’re about – mandated delegates or representatives seeking the best for their electors, or some other model. Coincidentally, that’s also a question for the national body politic.

  2. Jemima Gibbons

    Hi Lilly – Absolutely!And Charles, of course. And only yesterday I was listening to something on the radio about Simon Cowell’s efforts to bring the ‘X-Factor’ to politics – the pilot show on ITV failed miserably apparently. I guess that’s an example of the sort of ‘democratisation’ we don’t need. As for the RSA Council, it’s going to be a long haul, but I’m really thrilled they (we) have agreed to live blogging from the start. Symbolically, it’s a massive gesture. I’m sure it’ll be a learning process for all of us, and it’d be great if any of those lessons resonate with the wider world.


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