Should you use your personal Twitter account when starting a business?

A friend of mine has set up a new business. It’s a modest operation at present and he’s the only employee. Should he create a new Twitter identity specifically for the business or should he switch the direction of his existing personal Twitter account?

My advice: stick to the identity you’ve got. Key reasons:

1. Time. It’s going to take twice as much out of your day to manage two (or more) accounts – coming up with “original content” for second (or even third and fourth) feeds can be taxing 😉

2. If your business identity is closely aligned with your personality and values (as, in this day and age, it should) then you might as well be one and the same account, rather than “pretend” to be two completely separate identities.

3. If you’d like your business account to be along the lines of friendly, irreverent, informal but useful (and you’d be living in the last century if you didn’t), then you might as well keep it as the (hopefully) loveable person you already are, rather than struggling to find an informal “voice” as a non-human entity.

4. Yes, you may well loose some followers if you bang on about your business, but if your followers generally like you and you inject a reasonable amount of humour into things, any you loose will be those of least value to you.

5. If you want to be transparent and open in your business (as we all do, right?), then Tweeting as your self rather than a third party really makes the most sense.

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4 thoughts on “Should you use your personal Twitter account when starting a business?

  1. Dave Briggs

    Good advice, Jemima. Though of course it is always a good idea to get your new business on Twitter as well – if only to get the name for brand protection purposes. Plus it’s handy to have an ‘official’ feed for boring news and announcements stuff, while keeping your personal account for genuine engagement.

  2. Jemima Gibbons

    Dave – thanks, very good point. And then I guess you could at least re-direct people to your more "lively" personal account in the business bio. But I would still advise against worrying too much about keeping up two Twitterfeeds: hopefully your new, cool business is anything but boring!


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