“What I’d really love to do is make video for YouTube…or whatever”

It’s quite amazing the amount of vitriol 25 year old filmmaker Lena Dunham has attracted on YouTube. From “over-rated, self-indulgent [and] un-funny” through “Lena should wear shoes she knows how to walk in” to “I’ve dated this type..batshit crazy – RUN!”.

But Lena is into self-parody, so this stuff must be perfect fodder for her filmmaking, and for her upcoming HBO series, Girls (billed as a grittier, more stroppy Sex and The City so surely only a matter of time before it hits the UK).

Lena’s first feature, Tiny Furniture (trailer above), stars herself, her mum and her sister and is mostly shot in her family’s New York apartment on a Canon 7D. It won the audience award at SXSW two years ago and has been praised for its realism and honesty.

The film will be in cinemas across the UK from tonight (Friday). Believe me, if I had a babysitter, I’d be watching it!

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