“To be human in this century is to be urban” says Czech-Canadian filmmaker, Katerina Cizek, whose online feature, Highrise: Out My Window, takes the viewer/user on a fantastical journey through the some of the world’s most notorious concrete housing estates.

This award-winning film is a beautiful, poignant mix of intimate stories: all told in the first person, and all revealing powerful emotions: varying degrees of love, hate, joy and despair.

Highrise: Out My Window was an obvious choice for the innovation strand in this year’s Birds Eye View Film Festival, which I was lucky enough to programme. In attempting to be true to the film’s online, interactive format, it seemed only right that we should run a Twitterview with Katerina during the festival.

Running a live Twitterview is exciting and surprisingly challenging: you get peaks and troughs of activity: a whole load of questions get asked at once, then there’ll be a lull. And it’s easy to forget to put both @ and then the hashtag on every question/ comment, especially when the discussion gets heated. Well done Katerina for keeping her cool!

Apologies if you’re reading this blog post a while after the posting date, but if you’re reading this on or around 16 March 2011, the entire Twitterview is available now.