Yesterday was one of the most fun working days I’ve had in a while: I got to spend the morning with a group of brilliant, funny and talented women, putting together a live TV show at Facebook HQ. Thanks so much Sue Black and Isabel Chapman of #techmums for having me 🙂

The topic was “how to find work online”. I was on there to talk about using LinkedIn, understanding your digital footprint and building a personal brand. My fellow guest was the amazing Charlotte Pearce who runs a marketing company called Inkpact which sends handwritten notes at scale. Inkpact employs around 400 “scribes”, many of whom are mums working from home.

In the photo you can see me (second left), sharing a giggle with Sue (far left), Charlotte (second right) and Isabel (far right). One of the main aims of the show is to talk about technology in a way that is positive and accessible.

Techmums TV was launched three weeks ago on Facebook Live. The current series is a pilot: there are 5 shows in total (yesterday’s was show 3). The show is particularly special because it’s aimed at young mums, especially those who are lacking a strong support network. Techmums TV has partnered with the family charity Home-Start to ensure it reaches those mums.

Techmums TV goes out every Wednesday morning at 10am and you can watch it live on #techmums Facebook Page. If you “like” the Page, you’ll get a notification when the live stream starts. There’s also a closed Facebook Group for mums to share stories and advice.

You can watch yesterday’s show here: the video is pinned to the top of the Page so hopefully you can’t miss it (note: there’s about half a minute of black at the start).

If you know any young (or old) mums you think might be interested in #techmums TV, please let them know – it would be great if Facebook decides to recommission the show. Definitely a gap in the market for a fabulous show like this!