You may have seen the new UK ad from Costa Coffee. it took a while to filter through to me (hehe) out here in coffee-obsessed Tel Aviv.

Actually I’m not doing coffee at the moment, but I am quite partial to monkeys, and this cute ad made me smile, especially with the Bill Nighy voiceover.

Of course, I’d have preferred it if one particularly diligent monkey managed to stick with it and come up with the ground bean goods, but this must be an example of those unfortunate times when the elusive wisdom of the crowd is quickly subsumed and altogether trampled upon by the deluded mob.

If that one monkey in the middle hadn’t started throwing stuff, things might have turned out better.

This is the sort of anarchy many managers fear when they let the staff loose on Twitter: see my book, Monkeys with Typewriters: Myths and Realities of Social Media at Work, to help allay some of those fears!

Monkeys with Typewriters video interview

Main image: screenshot from the Costa Coffee ad