The Government Digital Service (GDS) turned five years old this week. As part of their birthday celebrations, the team tweeted a series of one minute videos. I love these birthday videos so much, I wanted to keep a log of them here.

I’m presenting to my local school’s Code Club next term – it’s a really diverse group and I want to talk about careers in technology and help them believe that these types of jobs are for everyone. Women and people from black or minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds are still under-represented in STEM roles. These videos will make perfect little demos.

Code Club is a brilliant way of teaching children to code, and giving them that empowering idea that they can build anything they want. But it’s also an introduction to the concept of a UK digital industry.

There are many great jobs in digital – from content designer through project manager to user researcher – that don’t involve coding at all. It’s useful for kids to be aware of that, and to be able to see people like them working in those areas. It’s a win-win, because the tech industry benefits from diversity.

Although children don’t need to start thinking about a career choice until they’re older, pre-teen is the ideal time for them to be exploring and imagining different options. These accessible videos are the perfect way to help them consider a career in tech.