It’s music to my ears – a world where geek is chic and homespun is big business! It was great to read in the Guardian this weekend that, for the first time in a generation, small, independent record shops are on the increase. It seems “His Master’s Voice” is the last thing people want to hear!

A dozen new shops opened in the UK last year – truly bucking the trend in an economic climate which has seen big names such as Borders and HMV struggle. This only goes to show that after years of mass consumerism, people genuinely want a return to the knowlegeable, passionate and above all human-scale service that big chains struggle to deliver.

Social media does not only help small businesses achieve scale, it can also help big businesses achieve authenticity and homespun-ness. When you look at the current trend, that’s an increasingly desirable quality.

Photo: Noam, Jamie & Dano browse CDs on Haight Street, San Francisco, 2004.

Jemima Gibbons

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