Things have been a bit quiet on this blog over the past month but I’ve been holed up in a tent in the middle of nowhere. And very nice it was too. Admittedly they did have WiFi, but I wasn’t too tempted to use it. Kind of hard to think about anything else when it’s 38 degrees in the shade and the swimming pool/ beach/ ocean is calling.

The best thing about our stay at Tipi Algarve was the set-up: they do it all for you – tent, camp kitchen and everything else. “Glamping” is a literal mashup between boutique (glam) hotel and camping. A great way to have a comfy holiday without adding too many emissions to your carbon footprint.

Tipi Algarve is also a social business – the place operates very much like a community, with volunteers coming in from all over the world, and guests coming back year after year. To get a feel for it all, just check out their Facebook page – lots of photos, friendly updates and engaging content. (Nice one Calvin!)