What psychological tricks can we use to modify behaviour?

Design consultant Stephen Anderson gave a great talk at The Web and Beyond in Amsterdam last Tuesday (1 June). The cards in the picture are from Mental Notes, a deck he’s developing to help companies with product development.

The project began as “a way to make sense of something complex: the numerous insights into human behaviour found in theories about game mechanics, the latest findings from neuroscience, best sellers explaining behavioural economics and many more sources!”.

What’s not to like? You can pre-order the full deck here.

Stephen’s talk focused on feedback loops (the idea that, when you’re instantly rewarded in some way for your action, you’re likely to modify your behaviour in order to get more instant rewards). He used the example of email (how feedback loops might encourage people to respond to messages more quickly and efficiently, for example).

I’m looking forward to seeing how these insights might translate into helping with digital engagement at the RSA.