It’s hard to get decent work done on Friday, so what better way to spend the last day of Social Media Week than hanging out at some great events? You can meet interesting people, drink, eat, philosophise and whatever else takes your fancy!

Coffee chat

Tuttle Club will take place from 10am – midday at The Centre for Creative Collaboration near Kings Cross. If you’ve never been, you really should: this week will be a good ‘un. Lloyd Davis, Tuttle’s lovely founder, is now working as Social Artist in Residence at the CCC, and I’m sure he’ll be talking a bit about that new role, as well as doing his usual – meeting and greeting the Tuttle newbies and generally ensuring everyone who attends has a good time and at least one cup of decent coffee.

Social anthropology

Whether you fancy a bite of lunch after Tuttle or whether you’ve worked hard all morning and reckon it’s time for a break,  on Friday afternoon, from 1pm – 4 (ish), I’ll be hosting a Monkeys Tweetup at The Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch. With free beer for the early birds. And delicious Dim Sum for everyone who wants it.  The aim is to chat about the anthropology of social media. Yes, it’s already a thing – see academic papers like Anthropologist View of Social Network Analysis and Data Mining and Ethnographic Approaches to Digital Media. I’d like to take a holistic look at the long-term social and cultural impact of social media, but please bring your own ideas and input.

Startup scene

Linking the two events, a 40 minute walk through the wondrous zone that is (or was?) Silicon Roundabout. [Update: just saw this Wired article indicating that Silicon Roundabout is very much alive and kicking] Why tube it when you can take your time and marvel at the myriad offices of so many tech startups? Last FM, Poke, IDEO, Moo, Trampoline, Dopplr and many more have all made their homes between Goswell Road and Brick Lane. Maybe some of these brilliant people will even join us for a drink. 🙂

Read the Tweetup lowdown

Photo: D1v1d on Flickr (under the Silicon Roundabout)