Christmas Ampersand by James Stopforth
How was your year?

For me, 2013 was a year of exciting developments with social media AND social business becoming increasingly mainstream.

It was the year that social advertising gained traction with LinkedIn launching sponsored updates AND Twitter offering promoted ads to SMEs.

Instagram launched its video feature AND YouTube hosted its first annual Music Awards.

Twitter went public for $2bn AND Snapchat turned down a reputed $3bn from Facebook.

TechCity proved itself as more than a just a pretty concept with Pinterest setting up shop in London AND New York’s Mayor championing London over Silicon Valley.

“Selfie” entered the Oxford English Dictionary with Miley Cyrus AND Rhianna leading the celebrity selfie circus.

And business at last began to look beyond pure money metrics with sustainability AND business purpose coming to the fore.

What were your 2013 highlights? And what do you hope for in 2014? Whatever happens, I hope it’s as exciting and eclectic a year as 2013 turned out to be!

Photo: Christmas Ampersand by James Stopforth