The bird ballet (flocking) is a great metaphor for our own “real life emergent behaviour” – what might be possible if we all start communicating properly and making the right connections. Thanks to @jyri (Google’s Jyri Engestrom) on Twitter for the idea!

Looking at these starlings reminds me of Arie de Geus’ book, The Living Company. Arie talked about birds using flocking as a way of passing on information to each other: bird species that flocked, such as starlings, had advantages over the ones that didn’t, like robins.

Scientists observed how, in the midst of winter when lakes and even rivers might be iced over, starlings Blue Tits had taught each other to peck open the lids of milk bottles on peoples’ doorsteps – the solitary robins didn’t appear to have this knowledge.

The future of business ecosystems

Photo: Hamish Duncan on Unsplash

[Updated 2020 with new photo as original video had been removed by owner]

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