I was gutted not to be able to interview Biz Stone, one of Twitter’s four co-founders, for my book. We had an email dialogue going but I think re-funding issues and Twitter’s stratospheric rise got in the way of a nice, reflective chat re the future of business.

Biz was in Oxford this week where the FT persuaded him to answer a questionnaire (and yep, each response is under 140 characters). His answers give some great insight into his relaxed leadership style and help explain why Twitter has been such a runaway success. Biz’s answers demonstrate passion, generosity and openness (three key leadership qualities I’ve identified in Monkeys with Typewriters).

Admittedly Twitter has yet to make a profit, but that doesn’t seem to bother its global fan base. Maybe it’s okay for power and influence to come first.

Why every CEO needs a Twitter account

Photo: JD Lasica