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The social web is littered with half-finished profiles and unloved accounts. It’s easy to grab your Twitter handle then wonder what on earth to do with it. Or post a snazzy Instagram shot and be sad to get no love back.

Given the massive sense of frustration we can feel, sometimes it seems easier to forget the whole damn thing and go back to forming meaningful relationships through old school ties and networking dos.

But social media marketing, the ability to scale and grow through your business through amplified word of mouth (while also benefitting from heart-warming conversations), is a fabulous, life-enriching opportunity. If you do it right.

That’s why it’s so good to see Social Media Launch Pack clients get up and running with their own social media – to watch people enjoy what they do, and reap the benefits of doing social in a way which works for them.

When it comes to small businesses, nonprofits and startups, people tend to be super-passionate about what they do. Enabling those people to do their own social makes sense because content is great when it comes from the horse’s mouth – in fact, then it’s not just content, it’s, er, people actually having a conversation.

Often it’s just a few pointers that are needed – a few “A-ha” moments, the right tools, and you’re away.  But it seems like, as with most improvement programmes, there’s a catch: it’s all very well when you’ve got me on your back, asking how many @replies you’ve done this week, or whether you’ve tested your Facebook Ads. But the whole purpose of the Launch Pack is to enable you to go it alone.

That’s why I’m kick-starting 2016 with the Social Media Launch Pack email newsletter. It’s packed full of social media ideas and inspiration to keep you on top of your own social, and to help keep you motivated when times get tough (and “to do” lists get longer).

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Photo: Alexander Rentsch