Last weekend my friend Jill got married to her lovely fiance Saf. The wedding was at Castlerigg Stone Circle and the bride wore purple, but the real first for me (and to be honest I’ll be surprised to ever see its like again, not in this generation anyway), was that the whole thing was planned entirely on Facebook.

No invitations, no wedding list, no complicated maps or instructions: the bride set up a Facebook event and the guests self-organised. There was a ceremony and a stonking great party, but what people did in and around and between those was up to them.

That’s how a handful of us came to do a three hour hike with three children under six, some of them dressed in fake fur and tiaras (but all of them carrying ice cream). 

Big thanks to Jill and Saf – a wonderful day!

(And thanks to Jill’s mum for the fab wedding pic)