I’m dead chuffed to have been involved with the Birds Eye View Film Festival which held its launch event last night at The Century Club. A great programme of films was announced, to a stunningly glam and talented, mostly female audience.

Rosamund Pike, Cherie Blair and Imogen Heap were there. And it was great to have chats with Cathy Rogers (RDF), Alex Mecklenburg (Ogilvy) and Victoria Mather (Stanley Pickle).

As Rachel Millward, Bird’s Eye View Creative Director, said, there’ll be some great innovative works at this year’s festival.

She had particular praise for Highrise – an interactive online documentary about life in tower blocks around the world by Canadian filmmaker Katerina Cizek – and Women of Hamas, which was partly directed over Skype when access to the camera crew became impossible.

I was responsible for programming the innovation strand, so very much looking forward to seeing how the more experimental works such as these are received.

Last night was great, but these are tough times for women in film, with the UK Film Council going and diversity cuts being made across the board. If you’d like to support women filmmakers, one great way is to join The Nest (men welcome)! For just £35 a year you’ll help sustain the female side of the industry, and get VIP treatment at this year’s festival to boot!